Monday, July 11, 2005

Memorable Meals

There are alot of good meals,but only the ones served in a good setting or with a nice view are memorable. Eating is no longer a function of survival (for the the fortunate ones with a good income) but rather a lifestyle. We eat to enjoy (again I am not inffering that I am fortunate and with a good income ;p), we eat to have a conversation, to celebrate, or for some who are saddened or depressed see it as a way out, almost. I am sure that some of you had very memorable meals, whether for a birthday or for any other occassion or simply by accident. I could imagine a person having the best meal of his life being stranded in a small sea side mountain village in Mexico eating freshly made fish tacos, or in a south Indian jungle eating rice cooked in bamboo and served with rasam. Whatever it is I am sure you have something to share.

This is a strange meal of deep fried soft shell crabs in a bed of fried dried chillis. The chillis are not meant to be eaten! its just a flavor enhancer. This meal was served on the 24th floor Hutang restaurant in Kowloon facing Hong Kong which specializes in Szechuan regional Chinese cuisine. Although this wasnt the best dish, it was picture worthy! FYI the best dish I had was the steamed fish covered with an "ocean" of fried chopped garlic, crushed peanuts and chilli. Yummmy


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